SA Wingshooters Association

South Africa's No.1 Accredited Hunting & Sport shooting Association

Welcome to South Africa's No.1 accredited Hunting & Sport Shooting association! ... Come with us!

This is the official home page of the Southern African Wingshooters Association (SAWA) – the only national bird hunting and shooting association in South Africa with SAPS accreditation as a Hunting AND Sport Shooting Association in terms of the Firearms Control Act. We are a fully accredited Hunting and Sport Shooting association and we offer all the shooting and hunting disciplines at one association, however, we specialise in wingshooting.

On this site, interested parties are provided with information about what we do and how to join. By becoming a member you get access to information regarding the new Firearms Control Act, how to apply for a firearm licence, who's who in wingshooting, how to become a 'Dedicated Hunter' and/or 'Dedicated Sports Person' and much more. As a member, you will receive the Wingshooter magazine featuring the most important fixtures on the bird hunting calendar, news on the latest firearm licensing news, "how to" articles, exclusive shooting venues and other important and informative news and articles. Important news, current events and more details of private shooting venues for members are reported on in the Wingshooter eNewsletters, which are e-mailed to members directly.

We offer a variety of sub-clubs, which can be joined additionally, such as the LRSC (Long range shooting club) rifle shooting, which includes 2-gun (handgun and semi-auto rifle) shooting and competitions. LRSC members have exclusive access to our own private 1800m shooting facility in Gauteng, which includes a handgun range and 2-gun range for handguns & semi-auto rifle shooting, as well as our latest .22PSBC (.22 Precision Small-Bore Club), which focuses exclusively on .22 LR rifle shooting in various categories. The LRSC (Long Range Shooting Club), PSP (Postal Shooting Programme) Competitions for handguns and rifles, and the TPS (Tactical Precision Shooting) are all part of what SA WIngshooters offer, but must be joined additionally to SA Wingshooters.


• Members-only access to the Gun Licensing Help-line

• Qualify as Dedicated Hunter and/or Dedicated Sport shooter

• Membership of Police-accredited Hunting Association

• Exclusive hunting venues for members only

• Around 1500 officially organised shooting days a year for members only (combined venues)

• Access to the National Shooting Venue Database

• Up-to-date information on the Firearms Control Act

• ‘WINGSHOOTER’ magazines with full shooting calendar

• Provincial hunting licences (for many provinces)

• Discounted access to clay shooting clubs, shotgun clinics and training

• 25% saving on the handbook WINGSHOOTING, with tips & hints by

   21 experts on game bird hunting & dogs

• Free advice on shooting seasons, gundogs, shotguns, etc.

• Links to British Association for Shooting & Conservation

• 50% saving on selected shoots

• R20 million wingshooters’ liability insurance included

• Quarterly Wingshooter magazine

• PSP – Postal Shooting Programme for Handguns & Rifles. Can be joined additionally.

• LRSC – Long Range Shooting Club. The LRSC is part of SA Wingshooters. Click here to go to the dedicated LRSC website. Can be joined additionally.

• Multi-Gun TPS (Tactical Precision Shooting) handgun and self-loading rifle shoots, competitions and practice anywhere in the country, as well as on our own facility in Gauteng. Part of LRSC membership and can be joined additionally.

• .22PSBC (.22 Precision Small Bore Club) for long range .22 LR shooting, practice and competition. The .22PSBC is automatically included in the LRSC membership, RP Revolver and Pistol sub-club as well as the LR Open Sight rifle shooting sub-club.

CALL THE OFFICE NOW TO JOIN! Tel. 071 132 5450, or: 082 4125893.

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