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The Wingshooter Handbook

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Gundog Training DVD by the late Dave Fowler


This pocket-size (A5) book, with hints and tips from 21 experts, is a must have for wingshooters. It is packed with the know-how and experience of leading wingshooters – scientists, field trial judges, gundog experts, veterinarians and others. The topics in this richly illustrated full colour book include:

    • Shotguns • Gun fit • Gun care • Gauges, shot sizes & ranges • Shotshells and ballistics • Shotgun marksmanship • Shotgun safety • Game bird identification • How to hunt various gamebirds • How to pick a puppy • Training your gundog • Gundog nutrition and health • Shooting ethics and etiquette • The Gun Control Act • Shooting seasons & hunting licences • Field trial clubs & associations • Preparing gamebirds for the dinner table.

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The handy Shirt-Pocketbook for field use and bird ID can be ordered at R45 (incl). Members only!

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