SA Wingshooters Association

South Africa's No.1 Accredited Hunting & Sport shooting Association


If you join the SA Wingshooters Association, you get instant access to some of the best wingshooting in Southern Africa! Join up NOW! It only costs the standard entry fee of R350 (single payment only. Discounts apply to seniors and juniors),  plus the annual subscription of R1,362 which includes R20 million liability insurance for wingshooters (only available through SA Wingshooters). The total entry for new members is R1,712 VAT inclusive (US$ 100). Individuals aged 70 and over only pay R903.00 per year for membership – No R350 entry fee. Juniors (under 21) pay only R253.00 – No R350 entry fee (including the liability insurance).

Click here to download the Application for membership form and charter (2-page application form), complete it in full and email it to the email address as stated on the application form. You also need to sign the Membership Charter, and email it to us together with the membership application form and proof of payment. EFT payments are preferred. Call the office should you wish to pay via credit card. This information is handled only by our financial controller. In this way we ensure that the information remains confidential at all times.


  • Optional Dedicated Hunter and/or Dedicated Sport Shooter course & certificate for submission to SA Police Services (provision for RPL)
  • Firearm Endorsements free of charge
  • Great shoots for Members Only
  • Shooting venues officially inspected and approved by us
  • Access to the National Gamebird Database of wingshooting venues, good and bad
  • Annual hunting licences for many provinces
  • First in South Africa wingshooting, hunting and sport shooting liability insurance for members (not for business purposes) to the amount of R20 million!
  • Wingshooter magazine in Digital format with possibly one edition printed (SA Post Office dependent)
  • Quality woven cloth badge
  • Free pocketbook on The Wingshooters' Codes of Conduct
  • Personal Membership Card & Certificate
  • Saving of 25% on WINGSHOOTING handbook
  • 10% saving on many third-party shoot venues and at firearm retailers
  • Participation in special raffles and membership benefit programmes
  • Latest news on shooting regulations and seasons
  • Option to join the Postal Shooting Programme for handguns and rifles

Don't wait, do it now!  Juniors under 21 pay only R253 p.a.!  Husband & wife joining together pay their individual subs plus only one entry fee. Household family: Only one entry fee!


  • The SA Wingshooters Association has been accredited by the Commissioner of Police in terms of the Firearms Control Act.
  • We host and organise around 1200 days combined official shoots per annum for members only.
  • We advise you on licencing procedures for ALL your firearms – shotguns, rifles, and handguns!
  • We host and offer clay target shooting, rifle shooting, Long Range rifle shooting, 2-gun (handgun and semi-auto/self-loading rifle) shooting and handgun shooting.
  • We manage a National Gamebird Database, which keeps a national index of properties and venues which has gamebird populations suitable for hunting.
  • We negotiate exclusive shooting rights for our members.
  • We organise special accredited wingshoots for members, including driven and surround shoots.
  • We support gamebird research, conservation and utilization.
  • We liaise with Government to streamline conservation and shooting legislation in Southern Africa; and to set the annual shooting seasons.
  • We have close links with leading overseas wingshooting and hunting associations.
  • We issue shooting licences for most provinces.
  • We organise special clay shooting days and shotgun. rifle and handgun training/coaching for members.
  • Its definitely the best deal if you are a firearms owner.

– Join now!